Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Latest Film Submissions

Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost Idol (Spain)
Director: Fran Casanova
Running time: 20m

The story begins in Tenerife (1948) where Indiana Jones is following the trail of some spanish doubloons. The voyage continues on to Portugal where Indy meets Mr. Giovanni, an art collector, who will try to exchange the doubloons for an important treasure of his past.

Director & Writer – FRAN CASANOVA
Fran Casanova was born in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain) in 1977. In 2000 he decided to go to Madrid and devote himself completely to his passion, the Cinema. There he studied in several Film Academies such as: Septima Ars, N.I.C., Metropolis C.E.,… doing courses of: Camera and Photography, Direction of Actors, Advanced Script Seminar, TV and Cinema Direction Assistant Seminar, Professional Cinema and Video Course, and Cinema Workshops.

The Urge (Canada)

Director:Chris Angus
Running time: 2m

We discover the horrifying truth behind the natural urges of a vampire and realize he is not that different from us.

Director & Writer – CHRIS ANGUS
Chris began dabbling with animation in 1993 as part of the commercial arts course that he was taking at that time. Becoming fascinated with the animator’s craft, he began attending workshops held by the Manitoba Society of Independent Animators (MSIA). Chris received funding from MSIA in the form of space and equipment usage and set up shop in MSIA’s studios working on his first film “the Urge” when time permitted. “The Urge” was completed in the spring of 2001. Chris is currently working on commercial contracts, as well as animating his second short film. He also teaches animation, on contract at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Tranquility (England)
Director:Paul Jenkinson
Running time: 11m

Victor is deeply troubled by a recurring dream and seeking solace from a therapist. As she delves deeply into his thoughts we witness the complex images and fears from his mind as we are taken on a unforgettable journey through his childhood, his marriage, and the end of the world.

Director & Writer – PAUL JENKINSON

Dreammaker (Germany)
Director:Leszek Plichta
Running time: 14m

Once the Dreammaker made the most beautiful dreams for people. Now he lives solitary for only one purpose, the creation of a special dream - his dream.

Director & Writer – LESZEK PLICHTA
Leszek Plichta is a CG artist and shortfilm director. Being a passionate illustrator and games player he started his career at a young age by creating intro cinematics, backgrounds and character animation by painting pixel by pixel graphics for personal game projects. Most ended merely as prototypes and childhood dreams (back then even antialiasing was not a filter but a handcraft).
“Dreammaker” has become a big success and was screened at Festivals all over the world including US, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Germany, England, South Korea, China, Japan and many more.
This 14 min bonsai feature won several awards like the special jury honors at the prestigious SIGGRAPH in 2007. Leszeks work has been featured on TV, inside several articles, advertisements and interviews on the internet and in printed magazines worldwide. Beside personal projects he now works as a freelancer on commercials, featurefilms and a fulfilled life :)

Star Ranger 7 (USA)
Director:Marc Kimball & Michael Harnois
Running time: 21m

In the 23rd century, the Star Rangers are the formidable peace-keeping force throughout the human populated galaxy. They’ve created a “safe zone” for civilized colonies by way of a defense grid which encompasses the perimeter. When an old foe comes to town with the key to debunk the system, all hell breaks loose…

Marc has been in the Film and TV business for over 20 years now. He currently is employed at The Troupe, in Windham, NH as their Senior Graphics Designer.

Mike has also been in the Film and TV business for over 20 years. He too is employed by The Troupe, only he edits and constantly looks to Marc to help spice up his work. They make a good team. commercials, featurefilms and a fulfilled life :)

Makazie One (USA)
Running time: 20m

Makazie One, a new short film based in the Star Wars universe set during the time period between episodes 3 and 4. An elite soldier has been sent to track down and destroy a known threat to the Empire through intense ground battles and haunting imagery of death that surround the environment. The unsuspecting enemy has no idea what he is up against when the two finally meet for an action packed surprise ending.

Director & Writer – Brent “CLUTCH” Gaubatz